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We hope that through our products, you will enjoy discovering the exciting art of cultivating edible and medicinal fungi. We are striving to maintain the excellent quality of products which our customers have come to expect MYCOPAC' Tissue Cultures and spawns.

The (followingis is a list of some of our most popular strains which are avalable as Mycopac tissue culture. A Mycopac is a small, inexpensive mushroom tissue culture which is sealed in a 1.24 inch square thin plastic packet. Enough culture is included for several transfers to your agar plates.

All 7 lbs Mycopacs are $35.00 each.

We offer cultivation support, live cultures, and made to order spawn to our commercial customers. Spawn for home growers is $35.00 per 7 lb bag + postage.

We currently carry spawn for the following mushroom varieties:

Shiitake/Shiang Ku (Lentinula edodes)

Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus)

Beech (Hypsizygus tessulatus)

Elm Oyster (Hypsizygus ulmarius)

Enokitake (Flammulina velutipes)

Wine Cap (Stropharia rugoso-annulata)

Morel (Morchella esculenta) (for experimental use only)

Reishi/Ling-Zhi (Ganoderma lucidum)

Maitake (Grifola frondosa)

red colors indicate product availability at this time for shipment


Home growing kits need ambient light and good ventilation. Mushrooms may form anywhere from one to three months. There will be several fruitings depending on the variety. The kits weigh approximately seven pounds. Full, detailed instructions are included with each kit Outdoor gardening with mushrooms is a fun way to complete the life cycle of your garden and add nutrients to the soil.

Each kit costs $35.00 (in clay pots, add $15.00 per) plus $10.00 postage.

We offer home growing kits for the following mushroom varieties:

Shiitake/Shiang Ku
Elm Oyster
Wine Cap *
Morel *
Shaggy Mane *
Giant Puffball *
Chicken of the Woods *

* Available in outdoor garden kits only. Morel kits are for experimental use only.



SHIITAKE MUSHROOM POT This mushroom is very versatile . Shiitake can be sauted, broiled, baked, grilled, stir fried, or sliced thin and used raw on salads. Its meat flavor enhances almost any dish. Use the stems to create deeply flavored stocks.


POM POM BLANC (Hericium)

POM POM BLANC MUSHROOM POT This mushroom, also called the Lion's Mane or Beard mushroom, forms pure white, finely toothed roundish mushrooms which have always been a rare, prized find in the woods. the POM POM BLANC(tm) has a very firm texture and a flavor reminiscent of fresh crab meat. This mushroom is fantastic as tampura or can compliment anything from a white sauce to a marinade. When baked whole POM POM BLANC(tm) makes a dramatic garnish or an unique appetizer. The feathery condition is best preserved by brushing with melted butter and baking in a very hot oven for 3-5 minutes. It is also delicious shredded and tossed into a hot seafood pasta.


PLEUROTUS, also called the OYSTER MUSHROOM because many have an oyster shell shaped cap, has been sought in the wild for centuries in the United States because of its unique flavor.



Picture: SONOMA BROWN MUSHROOM POTThe Sonoma BrownTM oyster mushroom has a firm texture when cooked and a "meaty" or oyster-like flavor which will add both texture and zest to most sauces or dishes


BLUE OYSTER MUSHROOM POT This mushroom will add a silky texture to your favorite dish. Enjoy it brushed with olive oil, sprinkled with herbs, and flash broiled for two to three minutes. It is delicious when lightly battered and done tampura style. The slight shell fish flavor is excellent with fish or poultry dishes.


GOLD OYSTER MUSHROOM POT This is a unique and special mushroom. To maintain its golden color, it should be cooked hot and fast. It has a sweet nutty flavor different from other oyster varieties. try it brushed with olive oil and quickly baked in a hot oven with a dash of salt and pepper. A beautiful mushroom for finishing and garnishing. Wonderful when served with eggs.



The Prince. Agaricus augustus

This huge species (up to a foot across the cap)with a sweet mild almond flavor is one of the very best eating of the genus. Try spawning this one in your manure eenriched vegetable garden or flower bed. Expect multipl crops thrue the warmn months. #Agau 1

Cremini Agaricus Brunnescens variety

An almost felty brown cap and dense earthy flavor distinguish this mooshroom. Originally discovered growipg wild in Italy ,this import is now giown commercially in U.S. See Paul Stamets' book the mooshroom cultivator for growing inststruction. #Agbr 1


Portobello. Agaricus brunnescens variety

This is the expensive huge brown, capped mushroom you see in the better markets. The texture is firmer than the white Button variety and the flavor is rich, sweet and pleasantly musky. Another Italian prduc- tion. Grow it like any A. brunnescens variety: #Agbr2.

Almond Mushrooms Agaricus subrufescens. "State".

From old university collection. We have not attempted to fruit this and know little about it, but the characteristics of the mycelium on agar suggest the eastern form. #Agsu 1.

White Matsutake. Armillaria ponderosa.

Found throughout North America growing on the ground in forests,Pine barrens, etc. Has a unique spicy odor & flavor.Arpo1.

Tree Ear Mushroom Auricularia auricula.

Used extensively in Chinese cuisine both dried and rehydrated. #Auau.

Shagy Mane. Coprimus comatus.

A world famous mushroom. Delicious and easy to grow outdoors. Just dig spawn into your compost pile or lawn. The mushrooms pear in coolfall weather and continue to spread for many years.Because mushrooms decomposes so rapidly after harvesting, comercial growers can't ship it to market. Butl cal restaurants are good targets for sales. Tip: deliver the mushrooms in ice water to keep them fresh. #Coco 1

Enoki. Flamulina veluptes "Yoki"

From Japan. This Is the "Enoki" mushroom of the supermarkets. Grow on oak sawdust/bran mix in light or darkness, indoors or out. Grow cool.#Flve1.

Reishi. Ganoderma lucidum.

The legendary Ling Zhi or Reishi from China. Scientifically proven to boost immunityto diseases.It has a tough texture, but it can be ground up and used like tea. In Asian markets it is a very expensive product. This one fruits on hardwood.Easy to grow. #Galu 1.

Hen of the woods Girifola frondosa .

Form large tan or gray coral-like masses at the base of hardwood trees and stumps, mainly oak. One of the most desireable of edible wild muslrrooms around the world. Try fruiting this one from 1-2 feet thick beds of oak or other hardwood sawdust, lightly cased. Or insert spawn at ground level in fresh cut oak stumns #Grfr 1

Hen Of TheWoods. Grifola umbellata.

Rare and unusual. Not only is it a gourmet delicacy, but it stimulates the body's immunity function. Prefers oak. Northern Switzerland. #Grum 1.

Hericium coralloides.

The regular snowy white form often called Bear's Head Tooth. A mushroom species that looks like a large growth of delicate white coral with cascading white icicle-like spines. Breathtakingly beautiful. And it tastes as good as it looks. Easy to grow on hardwood stumps and logs. An eastern US species. #Heco 1

Hericium ennaceus. "Gerhard".

Another gourmet mushroom. Often called Lion's Mane or Hedgehog mushroom, this one tastes like lobster to many mushroomgrowers. Forms white icicle-like spines hanging from a cushion of tissue. Grow this much sought-after delicacy from the forests of northern Switzerland in your backyard on a fresh cut oak or maple log. #Heer2.

Shiitake Mushrooms. Lentinula edodes.

Americans have finally come to appreciate what the Japanese have treasured for over 2,000 years. The Shiitake mushroom is easy to cultivate and we offer several different strains, suitable for a variety of climates. Shiitake. Lentinula edodes. Coldgrowing shiitake strain. Fruits in coolerweather than other strains. Outdoors, expect mushrooms to appear through early spring and late fall. #Leed 1.

Shiitake. Lentinula edodes.

Warm growing shiitake strain. Fruits in the warm summer months when grown outdoors. #Leed2.

Shiitake. Lentinula edodes.

Adaptable shiitake strain. Produces mushrooms over a wide temperature range, from spring through fall, outdoors. #Leed3.

Shiitake. Lentinula edodes.

Indoor grown strain. Mushrooms are grown indoors on sawdust blocks. #Leed9.

Puffball. Lycoperdon pyriforme.

Pear-shaped puffball. Grows in profuse clusters on hardwood logs and stumps, and oak sawdust/bran mix in summer and fall. Try preparing the mushrooms in a cream sauce serving over pasta. Tip: this species is very fussy about growing on most agar media, so consider transferring tissue culture samples directly to sterilized grain. #Lypy1.

Oyster Mushrooms.Pleurotus & Hypsizygus spp.

Because they are generally easy to fruit and maintain, these delicious mushrooms are fun to grow. In addition, they tend to give bumper size crops of gourmet quality mushrooms.

Oyster Mushroom. Pleurotus Ostreatus. "Florida."

An old, widely grown southern variety that requires no cold shock to fruit. #Plos3.

Oyster Mushroom. Pleurotus Ostreatus. "Frost Queen".

Often fruits outdoors in mid-winter in central PA during the annual "January thaw".#Plos4.

Yellow Oyster. Pleurotus citnnoplleatus. "Canary".

A golden oyster. #Plci.

Columbine Oyster. Pleurotus columbinus. "Camelot."

One of our best developments. It's one of the best flavored, heaviest fruiting & fastest growing Oyster mushrooms we have seen. It needs no cold shock & often begins to fruit after just a week of exposure. It may produce tan, salmon, gray, or even blue colored mushrooms. We get many enthusiastic comments about this selection. You won't be disappointed. This is a good beginner's mushroom. Grow it like Pleurotus ostrea- tus. Tip: provide 10 hours minimum daily light. Does well on wheat straw. #Plcol.

Hot Pink Oyster Mushroom.

Pleurotus d'jamour. From the Phillipines. A few years ago the manager of a local specialty produce market had a small lot of this mushroom to sell. The local gourmet restaurants bought it out immediatelly and are still requesting more. We get regular calls from the market as they search for local a local supplier (they're offering $10 or more/lb.). Here is a sure money maker for an amateur grower. Just cultivate like Pleurotus ostreatus. Fast and easy growing. #Pldj1.

Mushroom Spawn King Oyster. Pleurotus eryngii.

A connoisseur's mushroom! One of the easiest growing & best tasting oysters. Does better on hardwood than straw. From Russia. #Pler1.

Indian Oyster. Pleurotus pulmonarius. "Salor Caju"

This one produces mushrooms very quickly and is very easy to grow. It likes both hardwood & softwood, but also likes straw, corncobs, waste paper, etc. You'll love growing this one! #Pipu 1.

Elm Oyster. Hypsizygus ulmarius. "Bellefonte."

Also called Hypsigzygus tessala- tus. Grows from elm and other hardwoods. This is a vigorous wild strain. #Hyul1.

Beech Mushroom. Hypsizygus tessulatus.

A fine eating mushroom with a sweet, nutty flavor and crunchy texture. Popular in Japan. #Hytel.

Cauliflower mushroom. Sparassis crispa. "Bailey."

Wild, eastern US form. Elegant and delectable delectable. Grows at the base of oak or pine trees. Easy to grow on oak sawdus~bran. L Also fruits on rye grain. #Spcr1.

Wine Cap Mushrooms (or King Stropharia). Stropharia rugoso-annulata.

While not yet extensively promoted by US commercial growers, this mushroom is well known to both European growers and North American amateurs. The reasons for its popularity are superb flavor, abundant crops, large size and ease of growth outdoors.

Stropharia rugoso-annulata. "Fruitwood." Our customers report fruiting this both indoors and outdoors. For indoor cultivation, try a substrate of pasteurized straw and a casing of lightly pasteurized (1400) garden loam. Follow the parameters outlined in "The Mushroom Cultivator". Tip: Use distilled or rain water, not tap water. #Stru7

Stropharia rugoso-annulata. "Gullivar."

This variety is gigantic! We made the original culture from a wild specimen with a 15" cap. Associated buttons, the size of grapefruits, weighed over a pound each. #Stru2

Stropharia rugoso-annulata. "Emily."

This beautiful Wine Cap cultivar is sterile and does not produce spores. So the gills remain snow white for the life of the mushroom. When cooked, the dish does not become black from the mass of dark spores as is normal for this species. The mushrooms are huge and the cap is a rich burgundy wine color. #Stru4.

Mushroom Gardens

******************************************************************************* Our Mushroom Gardens give you an opportunity to grow gourmet mushrooms indoors. Each garden is a block of substrate (straw or sawdust, depending on the type of mushroom) inoculated with choice gourmet or medicinal mushroom spawn. About the size ofa short loaf of bread, the garden is ideal for fruiting in a small space such as on your kitchen countertop.

Most of the gardens will provide as many as three "flushes" of mushrooms. Complete instructions included.

Shiitake Mushroom Garden Lentinula edodes.

Perfect for indoor growing. Fruits between 55-750E $30.00 Oyster Mushroom Garden Pleurotusostreatus. Fruits between 55-750F.$26.00

Hot Pink Oyster Mushroom Garden Pleurotus d'jamor

Beautiful pink oysters. Fruits between 55-750E $26.00

Lion's Mane Garden. Hericium erinaceus.

Produces frilly, pom-pom-like mushrooms. $30.00 Choice edibles, that have a flavor similar to lobster. Reishi Mushroom Garden Ganoderma lucidum. Produces one flush of beautiful reddish $30.00

lacquered mushrooms, highly prized in Chinese medicine.

Mushrooms spawns


We produce sawdust spawn in 1 gal. bags weighing approximately 4 lbs.,enough to inoculate 30-40 logs. Spawn is also available in wooden dowel plug form. About 50 dowels should be used to inoculate one stump. Complete instructions are included. Our spawn is guaranteed to be vigorous and free of contamination; however we cannot guarantee that mushrooms will always be produced due to the possibility of human error.

30-Log Shiitake Mushroom Starter Kit $49.50

Everything you need to inoculate 30 logs: 4 lb. bag ofspawn, 1 2mm drill bit with stop, 2.5 lb. cheese wax, 2 swabs for wax application, 2 aluminum tags.

Shiitake Mushroom. Lentinula edodes

4 lb.sawdust spawn $28.00

300 dowel plug spawn $30.00

Oyster Mushroom. Pleurotusostreatus 4 lb. bag sawdust spawn $28.00

300 dowel plug spawn $30.00

Yellow Oyster Mushroom. Pleurotus citrinopileatus

4 lb. bag sawdust spawn $28.00

300 dowel plug spawn $30.00

King Oyster Mushroom. Pleurotus eryngll

4 lb. bag sawdust spawn $28.00

300 dowel plug spawn $30.00

Reishi Mushroom. Ganoderma lucidum

4 lb. bag sawdust spawn $28.00

300 dowel plug spawn $30.00

Chicken of the Woods. Polyporussuiphureus

4 lb. bag sawdust spawn $28.00

300 dowel plug spawn $30.00

Lion's Mane. Hedcium erinaceus

4 lb. bag sawdust spawn $28.00

300 dowel plug spawn $30.00

Hen of the Woods. Grifola frondosa

4 lb. bag sawdust spawn $28.00

300 dowel plug spawn $30.00

Dried Products


Shutake Lentinula edodes

1.5 oz. $15.00

1 lb. $35.00

Morels Morchella spp.

1 oz. $20.00

Black Trumpets Craterellus fallax

.5 oz.$18.00

Reishi Ganoderma lucidum

whole fruit 1 lbs $100

Ganoderma tsugae

(whole fruit)1lb-$20.00.

Ginseng (root)

1 oz. $26.00


All books are paperbacks.

Audubon Field Guide to North American Mushrooms $29.00

Gary Lincoff, 926 pages

Mushrooms ofNorthAmerica $39.95

Roger Phillips, 320 pages

Growing Shlltake Mushrooms in a Continental Climate $24.00

Kozak & Krawczyk, 11 2 pages

The Mushroom Cuftivator $39.95

Paul Stamets &j.S. Chilton,415 pages

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms$49.95

Paul Stamets, 584 pages

Mushrooms Demystifled $40.00

David Arora, 959 pages

Joe's Book of Mushroom Cookery $26.45

Jack Czarnecki, 340 pages

Edible Wild Mushrooms of NorthAmerka- $29.95

A Field-to-Kftchen Guide David W. Fischer & Alan E. Bessette, 256 pages

Shiitake - The Healing Mushroom $18.95

Kenneth Jones, 120 pages

Archaic Revival $23.00

Terrence McKenna, 272 pages

Food of the Gods $31.50

TerrenceMcKenna, 315 pages


Petri Dishes

- Standard 100 x 15 mm (Priced per sleeve - 20 dishes per sleeve)

3-5 $4.25 ea.

6-10$4.10 ea.

Agar Agar

1/2 lb. $36.00

1 lb. $60.00


1/2 lb. $24.00

1 lb. $35.00


10 $15.00

100 $55.00

1,000 $390.00

Glass pipettes

$15.00 ea.

Heat impulse sealers

$185.00 ea


10,000 $135.00


1/2 lb. $2.75

1 lb. $5.00


1/2 lb. $2.50

1lb. $4.00



Thumb-style Log Inoculator

$34.00 ea.

Cheese Wax

2.5 lb. $6.00

l2mm Drill Bit with stop $23.50 ea.

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