Water Fountain Energizers

Due to legal threats by Rhonda R. Harris from Water Energizers Inc. we state that our Water Fountain Energizers are located at: www.biznet1.com/water-fountain-energizers

We do not have any association with baseless allegations from Rhonda R. Harris - Water Energizers, Inc. for any trademark infringement and unfair competition under any laws as our products has nothing to do with products of Water Energizers Inc. Our products work on different principles and we reject Rhonda R. Harris statements for all above unfounded allegations.

3-14-2013 - Original Legal Threat by Rhonda R. Harris can be read here.

Update - 3-20-2013 - Baseless Legal Threats by Rhonda Harris from Water Energizers Inc. using lawyer David W. Nagle indicates legal extortion not trade mark violation.
Latest unfounded, not true allegations from Rhonda Harris using lawyer
David W. Nagle can be seen here

Facts about Rhonda Harris, Water Energizers Inc. legal extortion of money using trade mark law:

Allegation by Rhonda Harris - Water Energizers Inc. Facts submitted by Ted Jec. against legal extortion by Rhonda Harris using trade mark legal threats
Rhanda Harris thretens with her lawyers under trademark law stating that water energizer(s) trademark may be violated.
read here.
Ted Jec. responded with explentation to Rhonda Harris that the products in questions has nothing to do with Rhonda Harris products, Water Fountain Energizers do not use trademark Water Energizer(s), and Water Fountain Energizers principle, look and use are not confusing without any unfair trade competition as the name and the meaning is not associated with Rhonda Harris products name Water Energizers.
Rhonda Harris using the lawyer David W. Nagle from Stites & Harbison PLLC continues legal threats accusing Ted Jec. of  harrasement - read here Ted Jec. rejects lies of Rhonda Harris about her being harrased by series of threats by Ted Jec. and Ted Jec. states that it is Rhonda Harris that started this legal harrasment and legal money extortion using trade mark unfounded, not true allegations.
Violation of Trade mark act of 1946, 15 U.S.C @1051 the Lenham Act
Water Fountain Energizers web site: "http://www.biznet1.com/water-fountain-energizers/ States clearly: "Any Water Fountain Energizers are not to be confused with Water Energizers from Water Energizers Inc. by Rhonda Harris" It states clearly that Water Fountains Energizers are not Water Energizers from Rhonda Harris and consuming public cannot be confused by this statement therefore all accusations by Rhonda Harris from Water Energizers Inc. are baseless and are being concider as legal extortion using trade mark law.
Demands from Rhonda Harris and her lawyer:
Answer: There are no confusing trade marks as Water Fountain Energizers name is not trademark violation from Water Energizers. Water Fountain Energizers are not confusing to the consuming public as there is clear statement
on Water Fountain Energizers web site: "http://www.biznet1.com/water-fountain-energizers/ states clearly that : "Any Water Fountain Energizers are not to be confused with Water Energizers from Water Energizers Inc. by Rhonda Harris". There is no web address or meta tags with Water Energizer name or mark used on our web sites.
legal demand

Answer: There is no law violation on any trade mark from Rhonda Harris from Water Energizers. There is unfounded legal harrasment by Rhonda Harris and her lawyer using trade mark law that is being concidere as legal extortion as Rhonda Harris clearly is asking withher lawyer to get paid by her unfounded harrasments:

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