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What is your original water source for the water in the products, and what is its natural Bovis Level?

The water is from mountain spring, harvested by nature.  This pristine spring already registers at 6,500 on the Bovis Scale, the highest we have found on the planet.  It is then ozonated.  It is the best water we have ever tested.

What is the level, on the Bovis Scale, of the “mother water” in the shell of the Mug or Foodtainer, and in the other products?

Through a natural process all our products are subjected to high-energy earth data, thus enhancing and boosting their individual values to their appropriate levels, from 800,000 to 2.5 million.

Do the products lose their ability to work over time?  i.e., does the low-energy water we place in the Mug eventually influence the high energy level of the “mother water” and pull it down?


Do the products carry a guarantee?

Most certainly yes.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee.  If you notice a manufacturer’s defect in a product even after the 30 day limit has passed, call us and we will remedy the situation.

Is there anything that harms or destroys the products?

Yes!  Radiation, microwaves, transformer towers and x-rays.  And remember, airlines use x-rays.  Thus for example, you cannot put your Mug in a suitcase if you’re flying.  It will usually be x-rayed, regardless of whether it’s with you or sent on ahead of you – and it will lose all its ability to transform your water.  Do not have any Energy Products with you on any commercial airline trips.  If you carry two or more devices in the same bag, make sure they are all upright, with their positive end up.  The same is true if you are moving and placing devices into a box; place each one upright.

The Mug, Cup and Foodtainer

What is the best type of water to place in my Mug, Cup and Foodtainer?

If you have one of our Counter top or Under Counter units, you can use tap water that has been purified and energized by these devices – and raise it to an even higher level using the Mug, Cup or Foodtainer.  If you don’t have one of the above units, it is better to use purified or spring water, rather than tap water.

There are two types of water we recommend that you do NOT use: distilled water and reverse osmosis (RO) water.  Both distilled water, RO water will leech substances from their plastic containers, and metal pipes.  If you are using bottled water, query your supplier to make sure he does not use RO.

I am using the Mug, Cup or Foodtainer to energize my water.  Should I keep it in the refrigerator, or out of the refrigerator, as I am energizing it?

The containers are best kept outside the refrigerator as you energize your water, because the transfer of data is better at room temperature than when cooler, affecting your cells more positively.  After the water is energized to the level you desire, simply pour it into another container and store it in the refrigerator if you so desire.

What is the best temperature for the water to be at when we drink it?

It is also better to drink it at room temperature than to drink it cold.  This is true for the Therapeutic Water as well.  In fact, body temperature is even better for the transfer of data.  But most people prefer liquids to be at least room temperature, and will only drink something if it is appealing to them.

I’m using one of the containers.  How high does any liquid I put in it go on the Bovis Scale?

“The mother water” incorporated into all the containers is at 850,000 Bovis.  In l-2 minutes, the water will go up to approximately 10,000-12,000 Bovis, and be life – positive.  Quantity also matters.  For example, if you place an entire container of juice in it’s container into the Foodtainer, it is best to leave it in for 15 minutes.  Remember, color also has frequency, so if you placed a colored bottle with liquid into a container, leave it longer.

If you leave water in the Foodtainer, Mug or Cup for 12 hours, it will reach its peak.  This peak will vary greatly depending on the quality of the water you place in the container.  With excellent input water, this can be as high as 250,000 or even higher on the Bovis scale.  The highest the water can go is one-half of the Bovis of the “mother water” in the shell/casing.  With poor quality water (or liquid), it could be as low as 80,000-90,000 Bovis.  Since 90,000 Bovis is the restorative level, this is fine.

What would be the ideal water to place in one of the containers?

It is always best to use the best water available to you as the input water.  The very best water would be water that has already been filtered and energized by units such as the Wand plus the Counter Top Unit.

What would the ideal Bovis level of water and liquids to take while fasting?

It is the same as the ideal Bovis level for the water you drink when not fasting; 30,000 to 100,000.  Again if you go too high, you won’t sleep.

As far as energizing the water, does it matter if the lid is on the Mug or Foodtainer?

No, the lid simply protects against dust, flying insects, etc., and helps maintain temperature.

What else can I place in my Mug, Cup or Foodtainer to reverse its spin and make it life- positive?

Anything with a liquid content.  In addition to juices and other liquids, and foods, this includes vitamins, cosmetic products, etc.

How long should I place these in my Mug or Foodtainer to accomplish this?

If  the product has minimal liquid content, just leave the product in for one or two minutes.  This will reverse the spin and make the product life-positive.  If the product has a high liquid content, then a longer time, about 15 minutes, will bring this liquid content up higher on the Bovis scale.

The list of genetically engineered foods, such as soy and corn, is growing.  Even if we are careful, it is becoming impossible to absolutely know if we are eating one of these altered foods.   Is there anything we can do about these foods?

Leave these in a container for 15 minutes.  Do the same with foods that have been irradiated.

Will extremely hot or cold liquids harm my Mug or Foodtainer?

No, but many people prefer to not put boiling or iced drinks into them.

Can they go in the dishwasher?
Yes, but again, many users treasure their Mugs, Cups and Foodtainer – and prefer to use them simply to transfer data, and thus do not need to clean them.
The Eggs, Pyramids, Energy Stick, & Pool Energizer

Where in the refrigerator should I place the Energy Egg?  And would several Eggs be even better?

Place the Egg in the center of the refrigerator.  More Eggs are not advised; use one only.

Does the Energy Egg influence the Bovis level of everything in the refrigerator?
It even influences the contents of your freezer.
What about foods in cabinets?
You can also place an Egg in each cabinet with foods like potatoes, bread, crackers, cookies, etc.
How long should the Bath Egg be in the water in the tub before I get in?
In a standard bathtub 10-15 minutes.  If you have a tub that can hold two people, double this time.  In a hot tub that holds six people triple this time.
Should I put the Egg in the water as soon as I start running the water, or wait till the tub is full?
Put it in immediately, as the water is filling.  It will start charging the water immediately.  You can then count the fill time as part of your total time.
The Eggs, Pyramids, Energy Stick, & Pool Energizer(Continued)
Once I have a Wand, is it still necessary to use the Bath Egg?
It is not necessary but it will raise the water in the tub to an even higher level.
Can I carry the Bath Egg with me in my pocket or purse?
Yes, many people find they feel a positive effect on their energy and mood.  You can also keep one in your car.  Some men prefer the Energy Stick placed in a shirt pocket.  In using the Stick, always have the labeled end pointing up if you can.
Where in the house should I place the pyramid?
In the middle of the house, and on the lower floor.
What is the ideal height for placement of the Pyramid?
The placement height for the Pyramid is very important because it is working with two energies of the earth.  If you have a 2 story or 3 story home, place it on the lowest floor, as close to the center of the dwelling as possible.  It can be placed directly on the floor, or on a low table or counter.  It is better if it is lower than the heads of family members.  However, do not place it directly under your bed, a chair you sit on, or table that you sit at.  You can hang it but never puncture the Pyramid to hang it.
How long does the Pyramid need to be in my home before it has cleared the environment of negative (or right turning energy)?
A maximum of 3 days.
Which Pyramid should I use in my home, the larger one or the smaller one?
The smaller Pyramid is appropriate for a home.  It covers a circular area approximately 120' to 150' in diameter.  Our larger homes are usually 40’x 60’ or 40’x 80’ so fall well within this area.
The larger Pyramid is for schools, office buildings, factories, and outdoor use in farms, orchards, etc.  It covers an even wider circular area, approximately 180’ to 250' in diameter.  This larger Pyramid would be too strong for your home; you would not sleep.
Can I use the smaller Pyramid in my RV?
Here even the smaller Pyramid would be too strong for you to sleep.  Instead use an Energy Egg in each room.  You can also use an Egg in a tent.
Can I take my Pyramid with me to work, and bring it home at night?
No.  Since the Pyramid takes up to 3 days to convert the energy in the environment to life positive, you would never get any results.
Can I find out if there are negative water lines beneath my bed, and if so, what can I do?
We have an upcoming booklet that will teach you how to find out if you have this problem.  The Pyramid will correct this situation for you.
How can I secure my Pool Energizer so that it can’t be stolen? 
The Pool Energizer has a ¾”eyelet.   Almost all pools have ladders.  They also have filter baskets.  String a nylon cord through both the eyelet and the ladder/basket, then add a lock.
The Wand, Well Wand  and Counter Units

Can we use several products “additively”?  For example, the Water Wand will Bring the Bovis Scale of our water up to approximately 18,000.  What if we use a Wand and then use a second product?

Yes, most of the products work this way, for example, if you use a Wand, and then use one of the Counter units you will bring the water up to approximately 30,000.  Likewise, if you use the Shower Filter in addition to a Wand, your shower water will go approximately 30,000 units.  There are a few exceptions; it would not work to place two Wands next to each other.

By using the products, what is the Bovis Level you recommend we bring our water to?

The maintenance level is 30,000 – 50,000.  The restoration level is 90,000 – 100,000.

How can I accomplish this?
If, for example, you use the Water Wand and then the Counter Top Unit, you have already reached the maintenance level of approximately 30,000.  If you want to raise this water to the restoration level of 90,000, you could place it in a Mug or Foodtainer overnight or for approximately 8 hours.  If you have one of the containers, but do not yet have a Wand or Counter Unit, the water will go to approximately 10,000 in 2 minutes in the container.  You would then need to leave it in for a maximum of 12 hours to get it to the restoration level of 90,000 units, depending on the input water.
Is a plumber needed to install the Wand or the Well Wand?
No plumber is needed for either product.  The Wand is strapped onto your pipe using non metallic tape; the Well Wand is lowered into your well, down into the water.  There is an eyelet to attach a cord and nylon seems to work best.
Can I use the Well Wand in my home?
This is not advised.  The Well Wand is specifically designed for wells and is not for a home.
The Therapeutic Water

When we drink several bottles of the Therapeutic Lifeforce Water is it best if the rest of our food and water is at a high level on the Bovis Scale?

Definitely, yes.  It is best if all your food and water is at the maintenance level of 30,000 – 50,000 Bovis, and even better if it is at the restorative level of 90,000 – 100,000.  Drinking 2 bottles of the Therapeutic Water will then be more effective.

Is body weight a factor in how much Therapeutic Water an individual should drink?

Yes, all factors being equal, a larger person can usually take more.

Why do you recommend only taking a few ounces a day of the Therapeutic Water?
If you drink too much, you’ll have so much energy you will not be able to sleep!
As we know, sleep serves many necessary functions in the body.
How much is it best to drink at a time?  Also, when is it best to drink it?

It is best to drink it one ounce (a swallow) at a time, and always before 4:00 PM.  You can half in the morning and half in the afternoon.  Excess energy is thrown away by the body permanently if more than 1.5 ounces is consumed at a single time.

How many bottles of Therapeutic Water do you recommend drinking?
This varies from person to person.  For the average person 2 bottles is sufficient.  After 2 bottles, most individuals will be sufficiently detoxified and balanced.  You can tell if this is so if your perspiration no longer has an odor and if you no longer need underarm deodorant.  The water gradually turns all the fluids within the body to a positive left spin.  Poisons, toxins and pathogens can be safely eliminated by the body when the spin has been changed in this manner.
Do some individuals drink more of the water per day or drink it for a longer period of time?
Some individuals with a chronic degenerative condition in the body elect to drink this very high energy (850,000 Bovis) Therapeutic Water in slightly higher daily amounts and/or for a longer period of time.  In most cases, five weeks of 6 – 8 ounces per day (again, an ounce at a time and before 4:00 PM) is all that is required when added to any existing protocol.
Can I ever feel worse while taking the Therapeutic Water?
Yes, during the first few days you may feel worse because of detoxification.
The Pain Eraser, Gel & Lotion

The information sheet on the Gel Pack/Pain Eraser states that the positive side (marked with a +) should always face up.  Can you clarify this?

The word “up” here means towards the head.

What if I need to use it horizontally, for example, around my arm?

It is very effective used horizontally; it’s just ideal to have the positive end toward the head.

What is the difference between the Gel and the Lotion?
The Gel has deeper penetration; the Lotion is used more as a cosmetic.
New questions from our customers and patients:

> > Referring to the PX Energy Cup 10 Oz, PX Energy Mug 17 Oz, PX Energy Gel 
> > Pitcher, and PX Energy Foodtainer 2.0 Ltr - 72 oz. 
> > 
> > "Containers of juice or beverage may be placed inside the mug for 
> > similar effect, though the time should be doubled." 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on an 8 oz (non-plastic) 
> > glass of spring water from a gallon size plastic jug bought at the store 
> > (meaning processed by carbon filtration, UV treatment, micro-filtration, 
> > and ozonation) left out for 24 hours? What Bovis level would it reach? If 
> > it could reach one million (bovis), how long? - within 24 hours you should have fully charged ( energized) water. The effect can be felt within one hour. How long would it remain at 
> > that energy level? If you do not radiate it - it should stay forever - it can energized more and more water without loosing its power. Right conditions ( no bad radiation) has to be applied.If I were to leave the water in the container long 
> > enough to reach one million bovis, what would happen (in terms of detox, 
> > energy) if I consumed 1 oz every hour from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. daily? 
> > (My room-mate keeps me up till 4 or 5 every morning, so I'd have at 
> > least 4 hours before going to bed to deal with the increased energy 
> > levels.) I want to detox as fast (and naturally) as possible. You can do it but remember - do not take it before going to bed - the energy will not make you sleepy - you may have problem with getting sleepy. For all house bad radiation - that is coming from ground or geopathic crossings - you need pyramid with energized water to eliminate bad radiation in your house.
> > 
> > "This very high energy (850,000 Bovis) therapeutic water can also be used 
> > for any chronic degenerative condition by taking six to eight ounces per 
> > day (one ounce at a time) before four P.M. to turn the fluids within the 
> > body to a positive left spin. Poisons, toxins and pathogens can be safely 
> > eliminated by the body when the spin has been changed in this manner. 
> > Five weeks of six to eight ounces per day is all that is required when 
> > added to any existing protocol. Beautiful blood can be observed within 
> > two weeks." 
> > 
> > "Energy is sent by the body to priority needs within, whether they be 
> > nerve damage, cell damage, lung tissue damage, or simply overall energy. 
> > There is no brain barrier to pure natural energy. Excess energy is thrown 
> > away by the body permanently if more than one and one half ounces {of 
> > energy water} is consumed at a single time. A much higher level is 
> > attained almost immediately within the body while the body's ability 
> > to heal is accelerated." 
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on typical processed 
> > 'foods' (full of inorganic soy, milk products, trans fats, refined 
> > and/or artificial sugar, genetically modified substances, highly-denatured 
> > fats and proteins, enriched and fortified 'nutrients', (excess, 
> > refined) sodium, neurotoxins (such as MSG), preservatives, stimulants, and 
> > lacking in (real) nutrients, enzymes, high-quality fiber, etc., and 
> > probably irradiated) that's who knows how old (and possibly 
> > microwaved)? Is there ANY way it could ever be made to be beneficial 
> > (life-promoting, rather than detracting)? If so, how long? Seems like 
> > the best it could hope for is to be neutralized. It helps but be careful with microwave ovens and radiated that way food. 30 minutes gets the job - but the longer the better your food gets
> > 
> > "Free radical activity within the liquid or solid is virtually 
> > eliminated as everything takes on a positive left spin, allowing the body 
> > to process the chemical, allergen or pathogen out of the body." 
> > 
> > 
> > "Candy, sodas, and deserts may be placed in or on the mug. Therefore, 
> > reducing the additive nature of these substances, while allowing the body 
> > to receive natural energy without an artificial high." 
> > How do you suppose this works? Do you think the higher level of 
> > life-force energy causes the vibrational field around the substance to 
> > rise to the vibration of the gel and transform the substance matter back 
> > into its natural, higher-energy form (meaning the nutrients processed out 
> > by the manufacturer are restored, at the subatomic/quantum level, to their 
> > natural forms, and raised to a higher state (of energy))? You get bad stuff in processed food - even the bacteria can not touch it for long time until it loose some of its bad radiation and right spin of atoms - you neutralize it and then reverse to the left spin. You make the left spin to get the positive energy - you get back the positive side of the spin on the atomic level.
> > 
> > ( http://www.quantumtouch.com/BonesAndWine.php - I check the basic principal - it looks like we are talking about very similar energy on the subatomic level. The same effect will be applied to wine when you put it to the energized water mug.
> > 
> > "In nature, when two systems vibrate at different frequencies, there 
> > is a tendency for the two vibrations to come together. This is most often 
> > referred to as the process of resonance and entrainment. In a process 
> > involving resonance and entrainment, either the lower frequency will come 
> > up to match the higher frequency, the higher one may come down to match 
> > the lower one, or the two may come together somewhere in the middle." 
> > 
> > ... 
> > 
> > "Dr. Deepak Chopra wrote that in order for ... the life-force energy 
> > to affect biological systems, it would have to affect these systems at the 
> > smallest level - the subatomic. Consider that atoms are 99.9999% space. 
> > Perhaps even more remarkable, the energy packets that make up the 
> > subatomic reality is also 99.9999% space. These energy packets have more 
> > space between them than the distance between the earth and the sun. This 
> > subatomic stuff is not made of particles, in fact, it has no mass. These 
> > packets of energy actually pop in an out of existence altogether.") 
> > 
> > "Containers of juice or beverage may be placed inside the mug for 
> > similar effect, though the time should be doubled." 
> > 
> > What would happen if the substance/item were placed in the container for 
> > 24 hours? Would it become healthy? Yes, they will be getting to the same level of the energized water - bear in mind that too much and very strong energized fluid can give you sleepless night. 

> > What effect will it (the PX Energy Foodtainer 2.0 Ltr - 72 oz) have on 
> > every day variety/Wal-Mart Superstore packaged meat (meaning 
> > 'farmed', grain-fed, drugged, parasite-infested, diseased, 
> > vaccinated, irradiated, possibly genetically modified, and full of 
> > left-over growth-hormones, antibiotics, chemical insecticides, pesticides, 
> > herbicides, and pollutants) that's several days or weeks old? Is 
> > there ANY way it could ever be made to be beneficial (life-promoting, 
> > rather than dectracting)? If so, how long 30 min - 24 hours - 30 min. will help in neutralizing the bad radiation and right spin.? Seems like the best it could 
> > hope for would be to be neutralized. It all can be placed on or in our products and give you positive and neutralizing effect.
> > 
> > "Free radical activity within the liquid or solid is virtually 
> > eliminated as everything takes on a positive left spin, allowing the body 
> > to process the chemical, allergen or pathogen out of the body." 
> > 
> > "The negative right spin of pesticide residues is turned positive, 
> > allowing theses residues to pass through the body without causing 
> > harm." 
> > 
> > What would happen if it (the meat) were placed in the PX Energy Foodtainer 
> > 2.0 Ltr - 72 oz container for 24 hours? Would it become healthy? Yes, the same effect will happen - it will get left spin on the subatomic level.
> > 
> > "Containers of juice or beverage may be placed inside the mug for 
> > similar effect, though the time should be doubled." 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on an 8 oz glass of every 
> > day, off-the-shelf variety milk (meaning pasteurized, homogenized, 
> > irradiated, enriched (with synthetic Vitamin D), and laden with 
> > antibiotics, artificial growth-hormone, chemical insecticides, pesticides, 
> > herbicides, pollutants, and life-depleting enzymes)? ... that's been 
> > opened and sitting in the fridge for a week? ... that's been left in 
> > any of the containers for 15 minutes? 30 minutes? an hour? 12 hours? 
> > 24 hours? Also, if left out more than a few hours, even if being 
> > 'energized', would it not spoil? It works with atoms on subatomic level - do not try to kill bacteria in the food. It may help but this should be not considered.
> > 
> > "In many cases, food and milk allergy reactions are relieved or 
> > eliminated in many cases once the spin has been changed." Yes, you get the positive energy not the bad from all food processes and chemicals.
> > 
> > "Containers of juice or beverage may be placed inside the mug for 
> > similar effect, though the time should be doubled. Acid bite of juices, 
> > coffees, and teas becomes smoother." 
> > 
> > Ok. It can be changed to be less harmful (or even neutralized). Is there 
> > ANY way it could ever be made to be beneficial (life-promoting, rather 
> > than detracting)? Seems like that would be the BEST it could hope for 
> > (not to be critical of your technology, just saying). Not everything in coffee or tea is bad. What is bad is being neutralized and here is the benefit - you can say it helps your body right there.
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on triglycerides? 
> > cholesterol? blood pressure? heavy metals will help to neutralized but caution is required? unoxidized chemicals? It will help but remember your diet is important - cholesterol is good for you and your body needs it. It is when you eat like vegetarian or cow mixing it with some meat - your body starts producing bad cholesterol and you get clogged.
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on toxic radiation 
> > exposure? radiation poisoning? lethal radiation exposure? Will neutralized it and eventually will get positive spin however make sure the proportion is OK - you do not want to damage your positive charged water.
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on pathogens (molds, 
> > fungi, protozoa, viruses, bacteria, etc.) found internally within the 
> > body? May help but once you have them in the body - you may seek help from your doctor.
> > 
> > "Free radical activity within the liquid or solid is virtually 
> > eliminated as everything takes on a positive left spin, allowing the body 
> > to process the chemical, allergen, or pathogen out of the body." 
> > 
> > "Poisons, toxins and pathogens can be safely eliminated by the body when 
> > the spin has been changed in this manner 
> > 
> > Would they be transformed back to their original desired (life-promoting) 
> > states? Would they only be neutralized? You need them neutralized. They will not bu turn to do good for your body. Your body will clean them out but you need to help it with positive energy.
> > 
> > Somatids (microzymas, prions, blood bions, etc.) & Pleomorphism. 
> > ("... somatids go through three normal cycles, but in individuals 
> > whose body chemistry is out of homeostasis, they go through an additional 
> > 13, for a total of 16. When they go through their 16 pleomorphic: cycles, 
> > they change from healthy to unhealthy forms, to bacterial or viral forms. 
> > They end their cycles by becoming fungal. In other words, illness comes 
> > about from the internal changes in the body, producing toxic 
> > effects.") 
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on bodily conditions 
> > (caused by excess toxicity, an unbalanced pH, and pathogens) such as acne? 
> > How fast could one (normally) expect results? It may take longer but regular drinking of energized water plus good diet and healthy food will help.
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on body/blood pH? It gets it to the right level. Do not over use it
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on muscle (both growth 
> > and repair)? fat-loss? hormones (such as adrenaline/epinephrine, 
> > cortisol, Testosterone, Estrogen, etc.) It should balance them.
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on tea? orange juice? 
> > (Prill beads possess the ability to ability to re-constitute simple 
> > sugars into complex sugars. They do so, I assume, by raising the energy 
> > level of the water that's absorbed into the oranges.) 
> > "Containers of juice or beverage may be placed inside the mug for 
> > similar effect, though the time should be doubled. Acid bite of juices, 
> > coffees, and teas becomes smoother." 
> > 
> > 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) have on wine? It will become smoother - you will notice it even with your water after 30 minutes or so.
> > 
> > "Use it to energize beverages, to improve flavor and to make liquids 
> > more compatible with your body." 
> > 
> > Will it neutralize the alcohol? Will it make more flavorful? 
> > What effect will it (any of the containers) likely have on digestive 
> > enzymes? super foods/green foods? Good energy will not be changed
> > 
> > 
> > How does it (any of the containers) compare to Prill Beads and Cosmic 
> > Energy Stones? 
> > Prill Beads raise the spin rate of the water to 400,000 Bovis. (They also 
> > decrease the surface tension and raise the pH.) Cosmic Energy Stones 
> > Bovis rating ranges anywhere from 1.8, to 4, to even 10 million. 
> > (Different companies claim different levels.) They also raise the pH, 
> > emit infrared energy, lower surface tension (by 8%), and reduce levels of 
> > Deuterium Oxide. Both Prill Beads and Cosmic Energy Stones together, 
> > supposedly, possess about 10 million Bovis. I deal only in known facts - no magic here.
> > (I drink the water of both of these products daily. However, I can't 
> > say it has or hasn't made much of a difference. I haven't done it 
> > consistently, nor have I been able to drink more than but a few oz's a 
> > day (due to an insufficient/unreliable supply of filtered water). I tend 
> > to believe it has made a difference though.) I use it if I feel I need it. I do not abuse it - I have other products like the house pyramid - it helps.
> > 
> > The PX Energy Egg is meant, I assume, for the refrigerator. But is there 
> > any way I could use it at a restaurant? Yes, you can - many more are advised It's too inconvenient to try 
> > and take the PX Energy Foodtainer 2.0 Ltr - 72 oz. anywhere (besides the 
> > fact that people would find it weird). You can take it everywhere - it is better then refrigerator egg.So I was wondering if the PX 
> > Energy Egg would do the trick. I'd like to put it on the table near
> > my meal. What do you think the results would be? How fast could I expect 
> > it to work (that is, how fast can it raise the life-force energy levels of 
> > the food/matter around it)? Of course I'd LOVE for it to make 
> > everything positive and left spinning, but I'm mainly concerned with 
> > whether it can at least neutralize the toxins, chemicals, pathogens, 
> > and/or free radicals or re-constitute the refined sugars into complex 
> > ones. (It'd be nice if when I eat out I could eat a plate of lasagna 
> > and a fudge brownie or ice cream sundae, for example, and not have to 
> > worry about all the negative effects (calories not withstanding). Any 
> > time I go out to eat somewhere things like that always bother me. I'd 
> > feel much better about myself if I knew whatever I was eating was a little 
> > healthier (or less right-turning). Man, you mix this way toxic food for your body - how you can stay healthy doing it? If you eat bad diet - do not look for any good or positive out come here.
> > 
> > 
> > "The 4" House Pyramid will energize an area of approximately a 125' 
> > diameter. 
> > The 6" Storage (Business) Pyramid will energize an area of approximately a 
> > 300' diameter. Within 60 minutes of being placed in the home or business 
> > the negative energy fields should be changed to a positive level of 
> > between 10,000 to 18,000 Bovis (Bio-Angstrom) depending on the original 
> > level." 
> > 
> > So if someone were to place this directly over their bed (to sleep under 
> > every night) or lie next to it an hour or more every day, what would 
> > likely happen? No - you need to have it in the lowest point in your house - the energy gets up from the pyramid not below it!
> > 

ANSWER:  Anything with a moisture content will be changed to positive or left turning.  The level it reaches will depend on the starting point of that liquid.  Distilled water is virtually dead water so it will become positive but may not reach a very high level even after 24 hours.  If you are adding minerals and such back to the distilled water that would help reach a higher Bovis level because the starting point would then be higher.  
Answer:  We do not have any specific proof that the products have any effect on the PH level of water.  However, I have had customers tell me that there experience was it made it more balanced.  We have never tested this ourselves.  I always recommend people try it for themselves as all our water is different and your results may be different then that of someone else.  

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