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How Do They Live To Be 

120 Years Old ???
(WITHOUT Disease!!!)

Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Alexis Carrell, says...
"The cell is immortal. ...As far as we know, the pulsation of life can go on forever." 
Introducing The 'Secret Fluid' That Can Make You Healthy and Live Longer...

Let's take a look at the longest-lived, and some of the healthiest people on earth...  The Hunza's in the mountains of Northern Pakistan and the Vilcabamba's in Ecuador.  Both cultures have documented cases of men fathering children after the age of 100!!!  Their AVERAGE life span is close to 120 years of age!

Anthropologists have studied these people, their cultures, and diets for years trying to determine why and how they live so long.

Yes, they do eat simple diets of fresh wholesome foods.  Yes, they do live stress-free lives.  And most researchers looked at these things for the key to their longevity.  And those life styles most definitely help.  But...

What the researchers found beyond a shadow of doubt, was that the KEY to their health and vitality is a 'Secret Fluid' they drink on a regular basis.  I'll share with you what this 'Secret Fluid' is in a moment, but first, let's look at more research...

What Makes Us Age???

Dr. Patrick Flanagan, a world famous health researcher says... 

"All the symptoms of aging are in one way or another accompanied by a slow dehydration of our vital tissues associated with free radical oxidative damage.  No matter how much tap water we drink we cannot seem to slow down the inevitable starvation of vital tissues for the fluid that is everywhere.  There is much more to tissue hydration than simply drinking ordinary water.  Tissue water is as different from spring water as milk is from apple juice." 

You see, as we age, the cells in our body cannot take up water as easily as they used to.  So they become dehydrated, stiff and old.  And degenerative diseases soon follow.

The 'Secret Fluid' that these long-lived peoples drink does one very important thing... 

It allows the cells to stay HYDRATED (full of water), and not get 'puckered up' and old.  That's  one very important thing.  But it does more!   Let's look at what else it does...

This 'Secret Fluid'...

  • Enhances the Cellular Hydration in your body. 
  • Enhances the nutrient transport throughout the body. 
  • Helps maintain normal electrical properties of cells and cellular systems in the body. 
  • Enhances toxin and waste removal from cells and body. 
Most researchers didn't really give this 'Secret Fluid' much thought.   They were so obsessed with looking at these people's diets, they took this fluid for granted.  But one very special researcher did not take this fluid for granted.  He was an expert in chemistry and his name was Dr. Coanda.

Dr. Coanda, who has been called the "Father of Fluid Dynamics" (1885-1972), was fascinated with these people and the fluids they drank.  So much so that he ended up studying this for over 60 years!  He was determined to find the true "Fountain of Youth".

What he documented was that the secret to longevity is in fact in the fluid these people were and still are drinking, and this 'Secret Fluid' is actually a very special kind of water!!!

  Not just any old kind of water, but a very special water with such different  characteristics from regular water it can hardly be called water at all.  The Hunza and Vilcabamba people drink this water daily. 

This water was different than any other water found anywhere on earth!  This special water is the 'Secret Fluid' that keeps them young!

The work Dr. Coanda did during his lifetime was a breakthrough.  And although he discovered why the water was different, he could not duplicate it in the laboratory!!!

The Next Amazing Breakthrough... 

Could It Make You Healthy and Actually REVERSE Aging???

Enter a researcher by the name of Manfred Bauer.  Diagnosed with cancer, he set out to find out exactly WHY cancer cells start and then replicate.  Through a strange sequence of unlikely events, Mr. Bauer made a quite amazing discovery.  It has to do with what is called 'electrical spin' of atoms and molecules.  Let me explain...

It turns out that everything - all matter - has either a right turning or left turning 'electrical spin'.  Mr. Bauer learned that cancer cells had a right spin.  Healthy cells have a left spin.  He also discovered that polluted water, tap water and most well water all have a right spin.  Good healthy, life-promoting waters from pure springs all have left spins

The noted healing waters such as those found at the famous Lourdes Shrine in France sometimes have a very serious left spin.  Mr. Bauer theorizes that the Hunza & Vilacabamba water also have a left spin.  This is one of the reasons that these waters keep these people so healthy...   well past the age of 100!!!

This left spinning water has a tremendous amount of energy in it.  This energy is then transferred to the person who drinks the water.  Simply put, if a water has a right spin, it will drain you of energy.  If it has a left spin, it will GIVE YOU ENERGY.  I'd say that 99% of the drinking water, regardless of its source, is right turning (the unhealthy spin).

Water Memory!

And here's something very important to realize...  Even if you take out all the contaminants with water purification systems (filtration, reverse osmosis, distillation etc.) the right turning spin of the water is not corrected!!!

You can take out every heavy metal, every organic pollutant, every piece of sediment, bacteria and virus - but the water will still have a right (bad) spin! 

This is because (as research has proven) that water has memory!  Once the right turning spin of the pollutants are in the water, even when the pollutants are removed, the water retains the memory of the pollutants in it's electrical make-up.

It Is Hard To Get Healthy

No Matter How Hard You Try!!!

     Even if you are drinking the recommended half your body weight in ounces a day, if it's clockwise spinning water,  you're not getting the energy you need to get healthy.  In fact, right spinning water actually robs you of energy! 

And this water can be the purest, treated with the most advanced water treatment systems available that cost many thousands of dollars.  It could even be treated with different 'surfactant' products such as Willard Water, Cluster Water and other homeopathic solutions.  None of them change the spin on the water.  They're good, don't get me wrong - and all these treatments make undrinkable water better.  But they all lack a very important thing.  The ability to correct the spin of the water from right turning to left turning.

That's why it's been so hard for you to get healthy.  You've been spinning the wrong way!  Almost everything we eat and drink these days is right spinning, and that robs us of energy and makes it virtually impossible to stay well hydrated! 

Is it any wonder that we're all getting sicker as we get older?  It's not supposed to be that way and the incidence's of degenerative diseases are so high you can say it's an epidemic!!!

Mr. Bauer's Amazing Invention

Here's where it gets really interesting.  Mr. Bauer not only learned about electrical spin and how it can make us healthy, but he also discovered a way to bring these benefits right into our homes!  Or just about anywhere else for that matter - at an affordable price!

He has developed water energy systems that will change the spin of right turning, unhealthy water into left spinning HEALTHY water. 

It doesn't matter if it's been 'purified' by traditional treatment methods or not.  His systems will take the water and give it the left spin, and therefore the ENERGY, you need to get healthy.

And it does another amazing thing.  It can take the pollutants that may still be present in the water and essentially neutralize them and make them less harmful, if not totally harmless! 

Again, it all has to do with the spin and the energy levels.  If something drains you of energy (right spinning), it's bad for you.  If it GIVES YOU ENERGY (left spinning), it's good for you.  Simple.

The 'Secret Fluid' Can Now Be Yours!

You can bet that the water the Hunza and Vilacambaba people drink is loaded with energy.  It's the 'secret fluid' that has helped keep them healthy, well hydrated and long lived.  Even past the age of 120 years old! 

And now you can have the same, energized water for yourself - in less than 2 minutes!   Here's how... 

One of Mr. Bauer's inventions is what he calls the 'Energy Mug'.  This is an attractive Mug that will change the spin of its contents from right spinning (bad) to left spinning (good & healthy).  It does this in less than 2 minutes!  (It's made of an indestructible plastic - and lasts virtually forever! )

That's right.  One 'Energy Mug' will treat thousands and thousands of gallons of water!!!   It will change it all from right spinning to left spinning and this water WILL GIVE YOU ENERGY. 

And once the body has energy, it can heal itself!  Nutrient transport is enhanced so your supplements will work better!  Cellular waste disposal is accelerated.  And this allows the body to heal itself.  Without drugs, without surgery, without other fancy, expensive treatments! 

A Permanent Solution

As I said, the energy in the 'Energy Mug'  never wears out.  There are no filters to replace and no expensive electricity to run your distiller.  You can easily take it with you on trips (except airlines because of their use of x-rays) to be sure you're getting the right kind of Energized Water.  It's a permanent solution to your drinking water problems that will last you a lifetime.   Now, listen to some amazing and true accounts of what 'Energized Water' can do...

One gentleman was sent home from the hospital to die.  His liver was shot.  The doctors gave up hope.  After drinking 'Energized Water' for 2 months, all his liver tests came back NORMAL!

Another man was a severe diabetic.  After just ONE WEEK of drinking 'Energized Water', he could cut back and then eliminate his diabetes medicine.  He's been totally off of insulin now for 4 weeks straight!

'Energized Water' has shown to help many people handle and suffer no ill effects from their allergies.

One customer,  76 years old with snow white hair suddenly, after 4 months of drinking 'Energized Water' has started to get his black hair back! (of course, individual results will vary)

Plants and PETS benefit from 'Energized Water' too!  Algae growth is stopped in fish tanks!

Many customers report that their ARTHRITIS is greatly improved when they use 'Energized Water'.

Don't delay.  Get your 'Energy Mug', and turn back the hands of time by drinking ENERGIZED WATER for the rest of your life!!!  You'll see the difference or your money back!